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This is very informative and will help you guys out if you have body acne in places you think you’d never have acne!


people that point out acne:

  1. pack ur bags
  2. buy a plane ticket
  3. go to hell

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Anonymous asked: Hi:) can using spot treatment to help dry up big pimples lead to scars?

Hello! From my experience, it leaves a dark spot which is not necessarily a scar because it does fade with time and sunscreen! This is better than popping the pimple in my opinion. 

Anonymous asked: So I know you're not supposed to touch your face and pick at your acne, but I have a really bad habit of doing exactly that. Sometimes I don't even realize that I'm picking at my skin and I do it subconsciously. Do you have any tips or ideas on how to stop picking at your acne? Thank you <3

Hello! I definitely have been in your shoes before. You have to train yourself. Each time you catch yourself picking at your skin, pinch your hand or slap it. I always tell myself that I don’t want scars or my pimples to get worse. I’ve gotten used to it and I don’t really get pick at my skin or anything!

This is true because my friends absolutely HATE that I don’t pop my pimples. I let them grow into big white gross zits and let them stay on my face. They think it’s disgusting but it’s all worth it because I don’t have scars :-)

Try whatever works for you! Giving yourself a reward if you don’t pick your skin for a day, then a week, then a month. Start slow! Good luck.

Pretty with Pimples turned 2 today!

Pretty with Pimples turned 2 today!

Oh, how I’ve missed blogging.

In this generation of instant gratification, it’s hard to find some time where you can just, you know, chill and relax. To be able to think about life and not how your paper’s due in a week, how you’re going to be able to pay rent, or how the bulge on your stomach makes you question your self-worth.

The purpose of this blog was to remind myself and others - that you are pretty, even with pimples. That you are worth more than others think of you and maybe, how low you think of yourself. Acne is such a frivolous thing when compared to things such as: great laughs with your friends, going on adventures, or accomplishing your goals. 

To you, the reader, thank you for reading this and if you can do me a favor: just breathe. Take in the biggest breath and just slowly breathe in and out. There. Does that feel better?

Have a good day, a splendid weekend, and cheers to a good life! Keep up a good routine not only with your skin, but with your health, life, work, and everything else.

Anonymous asked: Hey! I'm curious what you think about the caveman regimen? (no products, just wash with water or not a all)

Hi, I’ve heard about this before and read someone’s blog about it on I think this could work if you’re not a teenager. It’s hard to do this because as a teenager, your hormones are still out of balance.

With mature adult skin, I’m sure this could work because as humans, we weren’t born to use Clean & Clear, y’know? 

I don’t know too much about since I never did it myself (and I’m probably never going to do that). 

How about you try it yourself and tell us your results? :) I’m always interested to hear about new skincare experiences!

nenakitty asked: Your blog has helped me so much thank u !!

Aw, I’m glad I could help you. <3 Take care and take good care of your skin as well! Cheers.

Anonymous asked: How can you get rid of whiteheads and acne marks from pimples? I have whiteheads mostly on my forehead and red/purple marks on my cheeks from bad acne and I also already drink lots of water and wash my face twice daily. Thanks x

Whiteheads - I would just leave them alone and let time do its thing. I know so many people who are tempted to pop them but I don’t! I leave them alone.

Acne marks - sunscreen, scrubs, and some patience! Haha

Anonymous asked: I have a big pimple coming up on my upper lip and I really need to stop it in it's tracks. It doesn't feel cystic but it feels pretty large. Please help!!! Thank you! Xx

Hi! I would recommend not touching it at all. The more dirt and bacteria get on it; the more irritated and inflamed it will be come (it means it will get bigger). Don’t wear makeup and continue to do what you need to do: cleansing your skin and putting acne medication on it. 

There’s those gels that have 10% benzoyl peroxide that can help your zit go down.

Anonymous asked: Thoughts on proactiv for teen boy :) ? Thanks

Hello! I’ve never tried Proactiv so I can’t say much. I just know that it’s a three-step-program that you have to use everyday. 

I’ve heard horror stories and I’ve heard Proactiv saved their skin; it really just depends. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to try!

Confidence starts with a smile.

Someone recently messaged me and what she said really touched me. I know because I was once in her situation. To be judged by people in school, strangers, and have a low self-esteem because of it. 

To the young girl who inboxed me, this is for you.

First off, take in a deep breath and just breathe.

Sometimes we get so caught up in life and the negativity that comes with it, we forget to take a moment to just breathe.

In life, and especially in this generation, people are superficial. They only care for the physical things; only what they can see on your outer shell. You’re still so young and let me tell you; so are the minds of the people who surround you if they judge for your acne. Only those who are close-minded would pick on you for something that you can’t control. They aren’t your true friends, so don’t let what they say consume you.

The only thoughts that should matter to you are your own. Each day, tell yourself that you’re a strong person. Tell yourself that what other people say won’t affect you because they don’t matter if they say such things to you.

You tell me that you’re taking care of your skin and I believe you! If other people don’t believe you, they can go suck it. Just because you have acne doesn’t mean you’re worth less than them. We’re all equal and should be treated so. Do not let what other people say consume you. You are in charge of your own happiness.

Tell yourself it will be a good day and it will. Cliché as it sounds, don’t listen to what other people say. At the end of the day, do they really care about you or your acne? No. They just want feel like they’re above you so they can feel better about themselves.

I hope you’re feeling better! In the end, no matter what I say can change how you feel, you’re in charge, girl! Stand up for yourself and believe in yourself. If you love yourself, nothing that someone says can bring you down. (:

yungtraplvrd asked: Hey! Okay I have these little little bumps all over my forehead and I can't get them off the rest of my skin is so smooth to the touch but my forehead is rough and bumpy and feels like the skin is extra thick on my forehead do you have any ideas?

It might not even be acne! I have little bumps on my forehead as well. They look tiny baby pimples, but you might just have keratosis pilaris. Look it up! It’s pretty interesting.

I wouldn’t go crazy on scrubbing away your forehead or anything of the sort. I would leave them alone - at least your skin is clear! :)

ferociousfitbitches asked: I had a pretty deep pimple on my chin that I popped it and it left a hole! What can I do to help it heal?

Oh no! A hole usually isn’t a good sign. I would definitely stop touching it, try to leave it alone, and don’t put anything or do anything too harsh to it. I would put some Vitamin E oil on it, but that’s personally just me. Good luck! Definitely give it some time.

Anonymous asked: I had dark acne scars for 3 years now I tried about everything what should i do

Sorry for the late reply!

Hmm, I would see a dermatologist. Since I personally can’t see your scars and see what type of scars they are - I really don’t know what else to say. Try lightly scrubbing, sunscreen, and lotions that promote skin renewal.

Definitely ask a doctor!

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